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We give God thanks that we are now able to offer a safe and magnificent dietary supplement pill in combination with our PDQ! Recovery Silver Water which may be extremely beneficial for those fighting to recover from surgery, radiation and chemotherapy and who need their body to be as physically strong as it can be to face serious disease and WIN!  We call the combination of the pills and the water The SILVER BULLET!

The P.D.Q.! Recovery Dietary Supplement Pill is comprised of an excellent blend of seven herbs and two minerals which are noted to be safe and effective.  The exclusive process to produce this pill reduces the particle size of the herbal ingredients which allows deep penetration directly throughout the body and we believe into the cells themselves!

Developed by the same top scientist that created our famous P.D.Q.! Herbal Skin Cream that has been quite successful in applications on dangerous skin lesions, this powerful pill  has quite a few ingredients that you may have heard about.  The list of ingredients is found below.

When someone is fighting for their life, they should do everything possible to win the battle.  We have high expectations that the P.D.Q.! SILVER BULLET will be of significant help in such a fight!

Editor's Note: I myself have been concerned about prostate cancer with which I was diagnosed five years ago.  Our scientist guided me through a healing process using the herbs and minerals, and now I am excited, and  relieved, that such a pill is going to be available.  I wish I had had this pill available for my second wife who died from breast cancer.  There is no promise of a cure, of course, but this sure gives me a lot of hope for myself and others.  I want to give my body all the help it needs to fight a winning battle!  We give a big "THANK YOU" to the wonderful scientist who developed P.D.Q.!

One bottle contains 60 pills, to be taken four pills per day, enough for a 15 day supply.  We recommend FOUR bottles, a two month supply.  We also encourage you to take one bottle of our wonderful P.D.Q.! Recovery Silver Water (six teaspoons per day for eight days.) which will really give a boost to the body's immune system. 

If you read this entire website, you will discover that we proudly and un-ashamedly give God all the credit, praise and glory for His love for us, and for the natural ways that He has given us to have healthy bodies.  We consider it a blessing to be able to offer help and hope in His name,  Amen!

P.D.Q.! Recovery Dietary Supplement List of Ingredients (for more information go to lower part of page):

1. Zinc picolinate: important immune system booster for fighting disease

2. Selenium: scientific studies show it may inhibit the growth of tumors

3. Sulforaphane Glucosinolate: as found in brocoli, may help maintain the body's natural defenses

4. Saw Palmetto: probably the best known herb in alternative therapy

5. Indole-3-carbinol: powerful anti-oxidant from cabbage and brocoli

6. Ellagic Acid (from Terminalia Chebula): anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

7. IP-6 (inositol hexaphosphate): anti-oxidant may boost activity of lymphocytes

8. Milk Thistle Seed Extract: anti-oxidant may prevent free-radical damage and is an outstanding liver cleanser - the liver is so very important as the body fights disease.

9. Schizandra Berry Extract: May produce cortizon-like effect on immune system and provide an energy boost

You may find it very interesting to know that each of the above is offered by various herbal suppliers in 100% form - it would cost much more to purchase the individual herbs and minerals (and you would have to take as many as 30 pills a day!), and the key is to have the herbs in the form, size, quality and exact amount that is needed.  While each ingredient may be helpful as a stand-alone, when combined together as we have in this pill the efficacy of each is enhanced.

Above all, as we say throughout the website, we believe that "Prayer is the Best Medicine".  We offer prayer for each customer, over the phone if desired.  We pray that you will be healthy - in Jesus' name.  Blessings!  

As you may know, these and any statements we make about P.D.Q.! Recovery Dietary Supplement have not been approved by the F.D.A.

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