PDQ! Herbal Skin Cream
Info on Silver Water
The Story of P.D.Q.!

Now, of course, the writer is very careful in saying that neither the cream or the P.D.Q.!  Silver Bullet (P.D.Q.!  Recovery Dietary Supplement Pills and P.D.Q.! Recovery Silver Water) OR ANY OF OUR PRODUCTS are anything other than just a good healthy product to be used to strengthen the immune system and feed and nourish the cells of the body.  NEVER is the word “cure” used, nor can it be said that either product is for healing, or diagnosing, or even treating any particular disease or condition.

It is, however, wonderful to report, that since August of 2007, over 3,000 people – many with very serious health concerns – have experienced new energy and vigor and (possibly) renewed health with the Silver Bullet.  While no one (even medical professionals) can say that anyone has been “cured”, it can be reported that to date all who have used the Silver Bullet seems to be enjoying a very normal health-related quality of life.  In addition, over 18,000 users have seen successes with P.D.Q.! Herbal Skin Cream since the introduction in 2004. The author of course gives all praise and honor for such success to His Father God, and His Son Jesus Christ, whom the author claims as his Lord and Saviour!

As the writer closes, he again wishes to remind the reader that he himself can take no credit for any of this – and he believes that God Himself has led and directed him to love others for Him and to provide service to them for Him.  The writer simply asks the reader to review the information, and hope that the reader will see that God is truly the reason this entire scenario has taken place.

Praise to God, through Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour!   Amen!