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The HISTORY of How P.D.Q.! Came About!

The story completely revolves around God – His intervention into a very serious situation – and His leadership to P.D.Q.! and the remarkable journey!  May God be praised!

In 1982, the writer’s 32 year old wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She was treated by the best doctors of the time with the best possible surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.  However, in 1985, she was hovering near death- unconscious and moaning in pain.  She was placed in the local hospital on a Sunday with the expectation that she would not live through the week.

On Wednesday of that week, the writer “had” to make a short business trip out of town (30 minute drive) which required that he not be with his wife and he did not want to make the trip.  Nevertheless, on his return into town on the way back to the hospital, a VOICE told him to “TURN RIGHT”.   He did not turn right, and thought that he was “hearing things”.  As he missed the turn, the VOICE said more demandingly “TURN RIGHT NOW!”  This time, the writer could not refuse.

When he made the turn, he was looking at a big multi-story factory, and the voice said to him “GO AND MEET THE PRESIDENT OF THE FACTORY”, so he parked his car and went inside.  Greeted by the receptionist, the writer was told the president was on the phone – but just to wait a few minutes.  Upon telling her that he had a wife dying of cancer in the hospital and thus couldn’t wait, she responded by asking the question “Who is your doctor?”

This was a strange question, but when the doctor’s name was given, she immediately said “That doctor just MURDERED two men in our church!”  When asked how the doctor did it (in disbelief) she reported that the doctor had over-prescribed the chemotherapy.  Upon hearing this, the writer quickly left for the hospital, and upon asking the head nurse about “changes” in his wife’s medications, he was told that on Friday the chemotherapy was to be doubled because the “cancer is raging out of control.”

Shocked, and not having any idea what to do, the writer called the wonderful surgeon that had operated on his wife, and told the surgeon what he had learned.  The surgeon, without pausing, told the writer to take his wife down to the heliport in front of the hospital in forty-five minutes.  When told that she was unconscious, the surgeon said “Put her on a gurney – cover her with a sheet, and don’t take anything with you and don’t tell anyone where you are going.  Just tell them, if they ask, that you are going for a ride.”  So, even though unconscious, to the heliport she was taken, and at the prescribed time in came a jet helicopter from one of the world’s leading university hospitals.  She was taken with instructions for the writer to follow in his car.

Upon arriving at the hospital, the writer was ushered into a reception area where his wife was laying on a gurney – still unconscious.  A lady doctor came into the room, introduced herself as the head of all cancer research for the university, walked over to the wife and asked “Why are you here?”  To add to the mystery and shock of the situation, the wife answered (coming out of unconsciousness) “I want to get well.” (first words she had spoken in two weeks!)

The head of research responded “That’s exactly what we want to help you do.”, and for the next four weeks the writer’s wife was taken off of chemotherapy, given nutrients and fluids via IntraVeinous (IV).   At the end of four weeks, she walked out of the hospital ON HER OWN!  What a wonderful series of miracles that ONLY God Himself could have arranged!  Thank  you Father!

For the next seven years (yes, seven EXTRA years of life!) the writer’s wife lived and battled cancer courageously, and many other strange and mystifying experiences were enjoyed – again, credit to God.  She lived fully, with much energy, and got the most out of life.   And, for these seven years, she was studied intensely by the Medical University staff to see how it was possible that she had survived.  It was during this time that the writer was able to study and research at the university medical library to “find a cure” for his wife.  Unfortunately, in 1993, her liver gave way (likely due to chemotherapy) and she passed away (in her mother’s arms.)  Her life, a gift from God, was used to lead the writer into the strange journey in which P.D.Q.! was brought to the world. 

From 1993 until 2003, the writer thought NOTHING about cancer.  All knowledge that had been learned had been put aside.  But in 2003, the writer met by phone the man who must certainly be described as the leading scientist in the world.  The first conversation centered around a motor oil additive the scientist had developed.  As the conversation went on, the writer discovered that the scientist is the leader in the field of diabetes, so he asked a leading question “Since you know so much about the body, do you know anything about Cancer?”  The scientist asked what he wanted to know, and after discrediting all the “supposed” potential cures named by the writer the scientist said “but I do have something that may work on CONTACT – INSTANTLY (!)  Do you want it?

So, the writer said yes, of course, and immediately an order was placed for the skin lotion that was named P.D.Q.! HERBAL SKIN CREAM.  The order was placed with a man the writer didn’t know, had never met, who could not be researched, and the money was sent for the order on a product that the world had never seen or heard of, and was a complete “shot in the dark” for the writer (there was NO proof that the product would do as hoped.)  The writer’s new wife (met after his previous wife had lost her battle to cancer) allowed with great financial sacrifice that the order be placed, as the writer told her that “God has led me to this.”  It was VERY courageous on her part to agree and the writer acknowledges that without her full co-operations and agreement there would be no such thing as P.D.Q.!

Sales of the cream started in August of 2004.  For over two years and several thousand users, results were startling and amazing in that everyone who followed the simple instructions correctly met with wonderful success on getting rid of “dangerous” skin lesions.  As of now in 2010, over 18,000 people have used the skin cream and have witnessed what can only be described as a “MIRACLE FROM GOD”.  P.D.Q.! Herbal Skin Cream is a gift from God!

After seeing such great results from the use of the skin cream, the writer kept asking the scientist “Can’t you make a way to use P.D.Q.! internally?”  The answer was always “NO”.  But in 2006, the scientist told the writer he had figured out that by supplying REAL GOOD AND HEALTHY ingredients to EVERY SINGLE CELL IN THE BODY, that the technology he had developed in the cream could thus be delivered to ALL the bad cells in the body.  Thus, if ALL the cells received the nutrients, then that would of course include the bad cells too!  A simple, but amazing approach, to say the least.  Now, in 2012, almost 4000 clients (a large percentage diagnosed as TERMINAL by their medical advisors) have used the Silver Bullet with SUCCESS!  The only people who have not had success have NOT done the two month program as advised.  We give ALL credit to God our Father!  Even with these amazing statistics, we cannot and do not claim that the Silver Bullet will heal or cure.  We simply say that the Silver Bullet offers good nutrition and this may be helpful to anyone fighting a battle with cancer.

There is SO MUCH MORE WE COULD SAY about The Silver Bullet, but we encourage you to return to your natural health provider or minister, and thank him/her for suggesting that you read this website.  We hope and pray for your good health!  Thank you!   <><.